How to wear a velvet dress

Let's start with debunking the myths around curvy women not being able to wear velvet. This is a lie, here's why. Anyone, no matter what shape or size has the right and freedom to wear whatever they like. If you feel comfortable wearing a slinky velvet number or perhaps you enjoy wearing a flower headband as part of your everyday repertoire, as long as your 100% comfortable --you should keep rocking it! Velvet is a fabric known for its sheen and luxurious soft feel, it's exciting that this fabric is making a comeback after doing time with the hippie and free-loving folks -- it makes me happy that I don't need to stroll into Tree of Life to snatch a little velvet, just like this one that I scored from Tobi.

Light vs Dark
The trick to make velvet look flattering on your figure is simple, just adopt the general rules of light vs dark. You know how people love wearing black for it's slimming magical powers? Same goes for velvet. Gravitate to darker shades like: navy blue, deep purple and even emerald green.

All about the heel
It looks classy and timeless when worn with stiletto pointed pumps, or even delicate open-toe lace-up heels, I've worn mine with some metallic points to play off the light and dark of the velvet. Avoid wearing wedges with this look, as it will dilute the overall glam factor and detract from the beautiful piece that you're showcasing.

Wearing:  Tobi Navy Velvet Bodycon Dress ( - get yours here), Charles & Keith metallic pumps, Kate Spade Candace Satchel (here), 

Watch out for...
Stay away for the light taupe and nude colours if you're looking for a streamlined silhouette, light colours in bright light or in the sun can sometimes look unflattering due to the texture of velvet and how it bounces the light through the sheen of the fabric. If this is your first time wearing velvet, it's safer to work with darker colours first and once you're comfortable you can work your way towards the nude and pink palette.

Add an extra piece
If you're going out for a beautiful dinner, you don't need to worry too much about adding loads of accessories, this allows you to let the dress do all the talking. A delicate necklace or some classic earrings will do the trick! If the weather is going to be on the colder side of the thermometer, you can drape a beautiful faux fur shrug or silk scarf. Personally, I like to add a bit of edge to all my outfits and introduce some contrast with a studded or embroidered leather jacket for some extra colour and vibrancy. I don't do well in the cold, so I generally always call on a jacket or coat to get me through the night (or day). Be daring and wear this look in the daytime, it's a huge trend overseas to get as much "CPW" (Cost Per Wear) from investment pieces like this or even think about how you would wear this out to your next coffee with your girls? Dream big in velvet.

How would you style velvet? I'd love to see your looks.


Rosa Senorita

Wearing: Bardot Ornate Floral Dress (here), Wittner leather studded boots, Arlington Milne leather clutch.

It may not be Festival season but I still love everything about the apparel and styling! Boho prints, boots, tassels...ahh! Rule number one: Colour. Colour will always take you far, don't get me wrong I am more than happy to rock the monochrome look but there is something about colour that makes me happy and lifts my overall mood. It is different for everyone and by all means, I'm not imposing that you change your entire wardrobe if you're comfortable in your shades of black and grey.

This red, floral printed off-the-shoulder dress is super easy to wear, I love how comfortable it and it's a piece that can be worn casual with a pair of studded boots for a little edge, or even styled with some gorgeous tassel heels. If you're looking for the pop of colour to enjoy the last leg of Summer, I recommend investing a pretty printed dress like this which will be perfect going into Autumn - thanks to the long puffed sleeve. I'm guilty of having a couple of long sleeved dresses which are always valuable in the cooler months but if you get a short sleeved dress, you can always grab your go-to leather jacket to wear upon your shoulders.

So what are your thoughts of wearing boots with dresses? Would this be a look you'd try?


Trending: Pink Suede Jacket

Lately, pink has slowly made it back into my wardrobe. It's a tricky colour to pull off depending on your complexion, but once you find that perfect shade it's all smooth sailing. There isn't any rules about what is the best one to choose, so you can chop and change between the shades - plus it will also alternate depending on how much you've caramelised over Summer. I've been trying to get my hands on the perfect suede moto jacket, finally spotted one from which I absolutely adore! It's the perfect shade of powder pink, with all the added moto details that make it edgy yet beautifully feminine. 

You will see how versatile this jacket is and how easy it is to work it into your repertoire. I decided to wear mine with a cute navy frou-frou skirt to contrast the nautical look, and it would work perfectly with jeans and a band tee. It's soft to touch and comfortable to wear casually and even for an evening out. I'll be certainly wearing this on my Japan travels - can't wait!

Wearing: Tobi Pink Faux Suede Moto Jacket ( - get yours here), Kate Spade Candace Satchel bag (here), Charles & Keith glitter heels . 


Nezuki Update - February

I'm excited to announce that I'll be travelling to Japan in April this year! It's been a long time coming since my last trip overseas, and I'm pretty over the moon that I'll be getting to re-visit one of my favourite countries in the world. I'll be exploring Tokyo, Osaka and even making a stop at Singapore for a few days! I'll need to hustle and start preparing outfits - so much fun awaits! Watch this space for more on Japan, I'm so excited and can't wait to go. Although I have been to Japan before, I'd be happy to hear your suggestions of places to go to; shops, restaurants, attractions. Looking forward to your comments with any ideas you have!