It was a rather cold and wet Friday night as I walked towards Fashion Paramount at Hackett Hall, but I was excited to see what the show had in store for it's spectators. Amongst the thirteen talented WA designers, I was anticipated to see Dyspnea's Reptilia collection after all of the build up from the PFF campaign shoot along with taking out the winning spot for the TABtouch phone cover competition. I'm sure that I'm not the first to say that they didn't disappoint. Their exquisite attention to detail and creativity raised the bar in the fashion world to a whole new level, especially working with laborious materials like PVC and various other transparent plastics. The Swarovski crystal embellishments on the statement pieces were proof that they were no longer a dark horse but a true contender. Maybe next year they will even have a stand alone show for PFF. Show Highlights: The red gown by Monster Alphabets was a showstopper and I would love to own that piece one day, absolutely breathtaking colour and cut along with all the cute-sy dresses by Little Gracie. A truly amazing collection through and through.

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