Van Gogh, Dalí and Beyond: The World Reimagined

The moment I saw the banner for this exhibition plastered over the bridge at Burswood, I squealed like a little school girl in utter excitement. To think that I would finally get to see these exquisite originals by the artists that I studied in my art school years. Artists that I knew and loved finally stepping out of the pages of my textbook like a lucid's almost surreal (yes, I went there). The headliners for this exhibit were Van Gogh and Dali but in all honesty I wanted to see the works of Frida Kahlo, she is my all time favourite artist and muse in life. Frida Kahlo was a heroine and had the courage, determination and talent like no other female artist of her time. Her subject matter spoke to me and her unwritten emotions always struck a chord whenever I studied her works. Even until today she is the only artist that can evoke a immeasurable level of inspiration-- my only true muse. I was in awe after strolling through the gallery, it was a very solid collection and the works were cohesive and had a consistent rhythm. Making my way through the maze of colours and dreams I finally found the holy grail. My heart was pounding wish a rush of butterflies....I lost my words. All I felt was a cocktail of emotions, happiness and excitement but also emptiness. The despair, pain and sadness of Frida was only fingertips away from me which will be forever etched underneath my skin like an invisible tattoo. If I had to be frank, I was a little disappointed that there wasn't another Kahlo work in the collection but one can't be too greedy when it comes to art...everything in small doses. My overall verdict for the exhibit would be "highly recommended" and worth the visit especially if you have never been to MoMa. It's a great chance to see some of the classics in Modernism as no words can describe the feeling of witnessing an original artwork in the flesh. Each brush stroke whispers the sheer labour and talent that went into creating a masterpiece that would be remembered forever and will remain to echo through time. You can purchase tickets from the Art Gallery of Western Australia via Ticketek, the exhibit ends 2 December 2013.

-V xx

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