My partner is from Argentina and we both have a huge love for food and fine dining so if anyone knows where a true Argentine heart is definitely through anything encompassing meat (carnè). After doing a little research online we decided to give Deca Bodega in Fremantle a shot after noticing that they listed 'Costilla Asada' on the menu along with some other great Spanish favourites like the empanada. We opted to sit in a cozy corner inside the restaurant by the window, perfect for some vicarious people-watching. The very friendly gentleman that took our order was very passionate and was excited to hear us ordering the grandè meat dish. Shortly after ordering, we are acquainted with that same gentleman who hands us a glass of white and red sangria for us to sample and jokingly says "Let me know what you think as my staff love it but I don't trust them, as I'm the boss I'd love to get your opinion". We were flattered to be asked to critique these drinks and were happy to give our commentary. We'll be tasting it again when we pop around next time. Highlights: The Empanadas were probably the best in that I have tried in Perth, even better than Rockpool. The chipotle aioli sauce made the perfect accompaniment. If you love ribs smothered in a sweet and tangy BBQ sauce, look no further than the Costilla Asada. Friendly staff and an amazing atmosphere make this a great spot for a chilled hangout or even a small gathering.



Beautiful décor and an exquisite spiral staircase leading down to more seating and a lounge area.


Red and White Sangria


Zanazero Ginger Beer --great thirst quencher on a hot day!


Empanadas & Garlic Prawns with Chorizo


Costilla Asada


Spanish Latte & Flat white with an awesome bowl of fine granulated raw sugar


Tequila Bread & Butter Pudding