Raffles Hotel is known for it's extravagant colonial façade with it's iconic 'Singapore Sling' cocktail stealing all the glory but I'd say that the beauty of the building is taken for granted. Although I didn't get acquainted with the infamous beverage, I enjoyed a traditional Yum Cha lunch at Royal China restaurant (see photos from Lady Iron Chef). In the search for the perfect taste of backstreet Asia, I took a stroll to the popular hang out 'Haji lane'. Once an abandoned street or pre-war war shops, this street is now filled with many niche bars, vintage stores and "indie" aesthetic goods such as; cool and quirky gifts and even old-school bicycles with the rattan baskets in the front *pring pring*. This is also home to a highly regarded nail parlour that I unfortunately didn't get to visit, but if you're in town please check-in to The Nail Artelier. Among the assortment of stores my favourite was Dulcetfig, a home to cute vintage apparel and 3 adorable kitty-cats! You can follow the Dulcetkittehs here. Throughout the store you can also find treats and gifts for your feline friend at a great price too--we need one of this in Perth!



Raffles Hotel


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Arab Street

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Haji Lane

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Cute snaps from the Dulcetfig blog of the kittehs


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Afternoon Tea at Mandarin Orchard Hotel

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