Summer Fashion, Perth Fashion, Nezuki, Pineapple, leather, Prada Summer time is my favourite time of the year, not only is December the month of my birthday but how can anyone forget the warmth that Christmas brings? Not even a 40 degree day could do that. If you're in the mood to exude the brightness, here's your Summer style checklist.

1. Fit and flare cut-out LBD from Country Road 2. Leather A6 2014 Weekly Diary in yellow from Kikki K 3. Tie waist leather shorts in musk pink from Witchery 4. Gala stiletto heels with oversized buckle in red suede from ZU Shoes 5. Karl Lagerfeld Pyramid Bezel Watch from ASOS 6. Decorative pineapple ornament from Freedom 7. Prada stained glass tortoise shell sunglasses from OPSM

Any of these on your list for 2014 already? If so, you're totes awesome! If not, it's not too late to make a list of some Summer staples.