New Years Eve, resolution, New beginnings, books, travel, fashion, Prague, Japan, organised, chic, Perth, blogger, Nezuki A new year, a new beginning...for most. I like to embrace the opportunity every year but honestly I don't always stick to my resolution. Sometimes we make huge and ridiculous promises to ourselves without truly being realistic about it all. Think of the big picture, do you think going on a crash diet only to end up bingeing out on the junk is keeping your word? Be honest to yourself and keep things simple, just like how I have. If you keep things open, you'll also be open to this crazy thing called life. I know that my bucket list is perpetually growing so I want to cross off a couple of things this coming year.

Travelling to Japan, Europe or even the US...will it happen? Only time will tell. I have taken the first step and wrote the important dates in my brand spanking new Kikki K diary and have started to put aside time for reflection. Don't forget that your mind needs a break too from our stressful lives at work and home! Enrolling into some fitness classes.....check! Actually attending these classes.....that's another strife. Finally, books, books and more books. I can't emphasise enough that knowledge is power, and a girl who reads a lot can conquer anything she wants or desires. I know that it's a step towards following my dreams, even if they are quite a few blocks away. Any of these on your New Years agenda? What will you be focussing on for 2014? Comment and tell me about yours.