Morning routine, makeup, skin care, cosmetic, moisturiser, cc cream, cream, eye, moisture, water, clinique, qv, australia, skin I have a pretty strict routine that I have perfected over the years, it has always been a challenge having sensitive skin especially when there is always something new to try in the market. A trap that a lot of girls fall into is what I call "smorgasbord overload". This is when they read a copious amount of magazines and ingest a decent amount of free-to-air advertising and are 100% convinced that they NEED everything that is marketed to them. Every teenage girl needs to clean their face with at least 20 different solutions and then tone their skin with super sharp astringents....errrrrrhhhh. Wrong! If you are doing this, please stop now as you are only causing harm to your precious skin. From personal experience, less is more. The less products I used on my face, the better my skin felt and looked over time. Having experienced the blotchy red patches of rashes covering my eyes and cheeks I truly know that you will do almost everything to make it go away. Nothing beats a blank canvas, and I have learnt to keep things to a minimum. Here is my morning routine what I do on a day-to-day basis to work, feel free to grab some inspiration from my shortlist:

1. Eau Thermale Avène Spring Water: I love spirtzing my face in the morning with this cooling spray, it gives a little kick start to your skin while leaving it super soft and dewy.

2. QV Face Day Cream with SPF 30+: I have to say that this is my favourite day cream that keeps my skin hydrated all day long, especially in an Australian Summer. I love that I can wear this under my makeup or just bare skinned and it won't leave my face feeling greasy. The most important element is that is contains SPF30+ which is a must have if you want to protect your lovely face from the harsh intensity of the sun.

3. Clinique All About Eyes Cream: Finding the perfect eye cream for your skin type is vital and it can be a long process, but once you find that one staple you're off the hook. All About Eyes is my can't-live-without skin care product! This bad boy is rich and velvety with plenty of moisture goodness that keeps your eyelids looking gorgeous. Another reason why I love it is because this puny jar can last me up to 2 months! Keep track of your cosmetics longevity, simply write the date of when you first used your product on the bottom of the jar. When it's all finished you'll be able to count back and see how long it lasted, this way you can get an accurate cost-per-use.

4. Maxfactor CC Cream: I was originally using a BB cream to substitute my foundation but I found the coverage pretty low. CC cream has a little more coverage and it applies on the skin like a BB cream, allowing your pretty pores to breathe! Keep this one in your purse for on the go touch ups.

5. Burts Bees Honey Lip Balm & MAC Prep + Prime: If my lips are feeling ΓΌber dry I know that I was naughty and didn't drink my adequate intake of water...guilty! Applying some natural lip balm always hits the spot, try and do this before bed so your lips can soak it in overnight. For the perfect base to last me all day, I prime my smackers with my other can't-live-without cosmetic......MAC Prep + Prime. Every girl needs this in her kit!

6. YSL Lipstick: Bold lipstick to make a statement pop of colour is so on trend, and very chic. Get outrageous and wear reds, oranges, fuchsias and purples. I love my bold colours and it also let's other peeps know that your face is happy to see them when you show off that bright smile!

7. Maybelline Falsies Black Drama Mascara with Flared brush & Sephora Eyelash Curler: Girls, I'm sure you have heard this before. Never leave home without putting a coat on those lovely lashes (at least try not to)! It accentuates the size of your eyes and really makes your face look awake and ready to conquer all things awesome. If your lashes are long and need some definition, curl them like it's hawt!