damiim_ah1 damiim_ah2 damiim_ah3 Yesterday it was announced that the gorgeous and ever-so talented Dami Im is the face of Alannah Hill's Autumn/ Winter 2014 campaign, I'll admit I was so overjoyed! It shows that hard work and perseverance really pays off and that it can happen to even the small fries of the world. She was a beautiful stranger that captivated the hearts of the Australian audience after taking out the winning place on the X Factor TV show. She was styled and polished by her mentor Dani Minogue during the show and it has showcased her natural beauty in a way that is quirky and almost reminiscent of Icelandic singer, Bjork. Her uniqueness and femininity will be a perfect match for Alannah Hill and is on queue with branding. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the campaign...excited squeals all round.


Source: Facebook & Daily Telegraph