BLVD Markets

I was delighted to be invited to the BLVD Markets held over the weekend, how could I turn it down when it encompassed my two and food. It was a gorgeous, sunny day at the Boulevard Hotel in Floreat, it was held in the beer alfresco area where the stalls were studded amongst the crowd.

These premium markets showcase WA original designs and locally made products, everything from dresses to drinks. Hatch were the stars of the show, with a few racks of statement looks and some coordinating accessories. I was fortunate enough to indulge in some delicious cocktails and lunch with some fabulous people. I met the gorgeous team from DG PR along with Bonnie from Bonnie Friday, Mon from Little Miss Mon Bon and Hayley from Keep Calm And Wear Couture.

blvd_luncheons_hatch881blvd_luncheons_hatch830blvd_luncheons_hatch902blvd_luncheons_hatch822blvd_luncheons_hatch823blvd_luncheons_hatch837blvd_luncheons_hatch897blvd_luncheons_hatch804blvd_luncheons_hatch815Dan from Custard & Co offered me a frosty glass of Scrumpy Apple Cider, and was deluxe! The tart aftertaste was pure pleasure. Keep an eye out, this one is a winner! The range is made in Donnybrook, WA from farm fresh apples, so it's only the good stuff that goes into these bad boys. You can currently purchase them from selected selected liquor stores and bars. However, if alcohol isn't to your liking Dan also has a juice range available that might be to your taste.blvd_luncheons_hatch799blvd_luncheons_hatch883blvd_luncheons_hatch870blvd_luncheons_hatch834blvd_luncheons_hatch836How cute are these caps from Generics? Need the Feline one in my life. Meow!blvd_luncheons_hatch875blvd_luncheons_hatch838Some of the delicious canapés that I couldn't get enough of, who doesn't love a freshly fried arancini ball? blvd_luncheons_hatch841blvd_luncheons_hatch849The Boulevard special was the recommended choice, with fresh watermelon juice garnished with cracked black pepper and a spring of basil. Strange as it may sound, the pepper added an extra zing with each sip, quite refreshing!blvd_luncheons_hatch852blvd_luncheons_hatch858blvd_luncheons_hatch856Having a look at the menu, I couldn't resist ordering the Grilled Tasmanian Salmon with Niçoise salad. The portion was very generous and it was exquisitely cooked to perfection, pure velvet!blvd_luncheons_hatch865blvd_luncheons_hatch868It's always nice to end on a sweet note, these cute little cupcakes by Cake by Laura Isabella. I managed to sample the Rosewater & Lemon, but I'd be very keen to try the Salted Caramel (my all time fave!).blvd_luncheons_hatch805I had a lot of fun with plenty of laughs and not to mention the sugar rush of some exquisite treats that elevated the whole retail experience. Head on down to the next one, bring your friends and make an afternoon of it with some ice cold drinks, you'll be set!