tumblr_m99j1a3gix1qcaugio1_1280Today marks the birthday of an iconic voice, the one and only Stevie Nicks. In her golden years, she produced over forty top fifty hits, with a song for every moment of life's soundtrack. As Stephanie Lynn Nicks turns 66 years old, all I can do is reminisce on my childhood. Little lies was the first song that I ever heard on the radio and ever since then Fleetwood Mac has been one of my favourite bands to date. My favourite Stevie song would have to be Rhiannon, it's haunting riff is so carefree and the lyrics are so relatable. Nicks' raspy tones makes me want to sing just like her, what an inspiration. Unfortunately, Fleetwood Mac cancelled their Australian tour but I cross my fingers that I will see a performance one day.

Besides loving her haunting voice, her unique style sets her apart encapsulating her aura through her choice in fashion. Luscious blonde locks and big eyes, she is the picture of the 70s in my opinion. Here's a couple of my favourite looks throughout the years... stevie-nicks-4e5f022091515 20130113-stevienicks-600x-1358182669 hbstevenicks2013Stevie-Nicks-Top-Hat stevie nicks Portrait Of Stevie Nicks Stevie-Beautiful-in-B-W-stevie-nicks-4008858-419-525 Stevie-Fleetwood stevie-nicks-25-aug-1981-620kb052511 PN017376 Stevie-Nicks_11 Stevie-Nicks-1 Stevie-Nicks-stevie-nicks-21187482-1043-1402 Stevie-Nicks-stevie-nicks-5687986-700-1261 Stevie-stevie-nicks-27945833-800-1199 tumblr_mfx219sTIS1qa7dyho1_r1_1280 tumblr_mmfur3IUPx1qcaugio1_1280 stevie-nicks-press-2013-650bPhotos sourced from Pinterest.com

Watch my favourite song, Rhiannon performed live from the year, 1976:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IT1q7L4QA0A]