Shadows of White

sophie_cape_exhibit_01Sophie Cape is an emerging Australian artist with an interesting past, one that could almost be as parallel as Frida Kahlo. Her 'Shadows of White' exhibit was held at the Olsen Irwin Gallery in Woollahra, Sydney. She started out as a determined athlete but a series of accidents crippled Cape's dreams as she she was immobilised with injuries, including a broken spine. While recovering she dabbled in the arts and set her sights on pursuing art as a cathartic escape. Her perseverance is admirable and her artistic breakthrough is magnificent. She explores themes of her traumatic experiences throughout the subject matter in her works, including using her own blood as a medium in her paintings. An ode to sheer passion, much like the revolutionary Marquis De Sade whom wrote some of his writing in his own blood when a quill and ink was not in access.  sophie_cape_exhibit_03 sophie_cape_exhibit_05 sophie_cape_exhibit_06 sophie_cape_exhibit_04 sophie_cape_exhibit_02There was an overwhelming turn out to the exhibit and it was exciting to see so many people there supporting Cape with her new creative journey. While soaking in the ambience I also enjoyed a delicious glass of red, thanks to Handpicked Wines. Read more about about Sophie Cape and her treacherous journey, here.