Pretty In Pink Girl's Night

pretty_in_pink_girls_night_out_12A night filled with all things pink and sugary sweet, a night of DIY cocktails and well dressed women with a taste for all things girly and cute and above all, an appetite to support a good cause. On Friday I was excited to attend the Pretty In Pink Girls Night held by Angeline of Lovethread, at the Hello Parry HQ. There was a nail-bar and makeup booth run by the lovely Amy Davis and Emer Rose, along with gorgeous racks of clothing from the new Hello Parry collection. Proceeds from the night went to support the Esther Foundation, which is the same group I supported at the the Lovethread Garden Party a few months ago. pretty_in_pink_girls_night_out_01The venue was meticulously styled by Love is Party and Shelan Creatives, I fell in love with their candy buffet...oh, how could I resist such cute and delicious items? pretty_in_pink_girls_night_out_02 pretty_in_pink_girls_night_out_04 pretty_in_pink_girls_night_out_16 pretty_in_pink_girls_night_out_05 pretty_in_pink_girls_night_out_14I haven't purchased anything from Hello Parry before, but tonight was the perfect opportunity since they were having a pretty nice discount and a percentage of the proceeds were also going to Esther Foundation. There's no better feeling than doing a good deed. This beautiful powder blue coat had a new home.pretty_in_pink_girls_night_out_06 pretty_in_pink_girls_night_out_07 pretty_in_pink_girls_night_out_08 pretty_in_pink_girls_night_out_18 pretty_in_pink_girls_night_out_17Among all the wonderful sweet items we also had the gorgeous company of Michelle from A Minute Away from Snowing. She delighted our presence with an enlightening talk about how she became a blogger and she also shared a couple of helpful tips for people keen on starting out.

pretty_in_pink_girls_night_out_19pretty_in_pink_girls_night_out_20She is even prettier in person, and such a beautiful person to talk to. I felt incredibly lucky that I finally met her after all of our brief insta-conversations.

pretty_in_pink_girls_night_out_09 pretty_in_pink_girls_night_out_15 pretty_in_pink_girls_night_out_11 pretty_in_pink_girls_night_out_21The beauty and brains behind the event--they looked tickled pink (Yep. I went there.)pretty_in_pink_girls_night_out_22The lovely Angeline and moi.

pretty_in_pink_girls_night_out_13Em from The Illusive Femme and I met some friendly new faces who also share our love for fashion and desserts, there were plenty of smiles and donuts shared that night. I was handed a cute little gift to take home along with a polka-dot paper bag of donuts in the other hand—I felt like I was 12 years old again! Who else misses those days that were filled with party poppers and lolly bags, don't mind me while I cue some Backstreet Boys. Thank you for a wonderful night, peeps. Can't wait for the next event!

What’s your favourite childhood party memory?