Hidden Dragon

Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting...it's my anthem for Chinese New Year! As we lead into the Year of the Sheep I thought it was deemed necessary to get some great shots by one of my favourite hidden street art gems. Dressed to kill, one has to opt for a power jumpsuit (katana optional). This jumpsuit kicks ass and it's a wonderful all-rounder, the material is also sooo forgiving. Hiding all the bloating from the summer heat-- keeping it real!Wearing: Pattern Jumpsuit from Target, Thorpe Block heels from Wittner(here), Vintage gold Casio watch, YSL clutch wallet from vintage store in Tokyo, Prada Sunglasses

During my childhood, there was always an old school Kung Fu movie playing on our TV. The moves, the drama and the intensity was the best combination of action and they seriously don't make films like this anymore. Who else remembers the original Seven Samurai film?

Here's hoping that everyone has a safe and Happy Lunar New Year! A prosperous year to all the sheep out there and hope there are plenty of red packets and sweets to go around. For all the dragons out there, keep being awesome and changing the game!