Nezuki x Hair by Rebecca Louise

Doing what you love is something that I can relate to and I always admire people that stay true to themselves. Rebecca has always had a passion for hair and captured that fire by undertaking an apprenticeship and working hard in some renown salons in NSW. She has fuelled her skills and perfected her craft by working on a number of collaborations and campaigns, and has channeled her energy into her very own salon.There aren't many people that I trust with my hair, and I am sure that you can relate to this, ladies. Hair is so fragile and it frames our gorgeous faces, it can really change the whole look of a person with a matter of a couple of inches off, or a new your paranoia is completely justified. I trusted Rebecca from the get go-- she had the talent to back it!

I visited her luxe salon in East Corrimal and discussed how I was going to go from boring ombre to the lovely rose gold colour that I've been eyeing for months. Bec was dynamite in her approach and made me comfortable when making the hard calls, from how much to chop to how vibrant the pink tones should be. While colour processing with a fresh pot of Jasmine green tea, I was lucky to get a chance to chat about all things hair, here is what she had to say:

What gets you passionate about hair? "There are two main things that get me passionate about hair. The first being the effect you can have on a person in a positive way, I love that I have the ability to make people feel beautiful. I had a client a few months ago and we decided to do a massive change and cut all of his hair off, at the next visit he told me the haircut made him feel good about himself so he had lost 15kg and totally changed his life. I can't believe I was able to do that. Secondly, being in an industry that is forever changing and growing In front of my eyes. I love watching new hairdressers grow their passion and abilities and I love being apart of helping them which always helps me grow and learn."

Is there any hair trends that you think will be big for this season? "I myself do a lot of blonde colours in my salon and I have noticed a huge increase in people wanting pastel or vibrant fashion colours and at the same time a lot of natural tones. People are wanting to push the boundaries and experiment with their hair so I definitely see a trend of bright colours and soft natural colours. I've actually been doing a lot of green lately."

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What's the most important thing when it comes to your hair? "The condition of my hair is the most important thing. I am very strict with my hair by using only the best products and most conditioning treatments. At the moment my favourite things are: Wella Luxe oil and coconut oil. I use the coconut oil as a treatment before washing my hair and once I rinse it out my hair is so luscious"They say that you need to cut your hair every six weeks, why is it important to do this so often? "By cutting your hair every six weeks you are stopping split ends from forming. If you leave your hair for long enough without a haircut the split ends will split higher and start to snap. You can be naughty and push it back a couple of weeks if you don't colour your hair frequently"For the 9-5 working girl it's always a rush in the morning and hair is usually left to last, what is a quick and chic hairstyle? "My favourite quick morning style is a high messy bun or top knot. Just put your hair in a neat, high pony tail, wrap hair around it and pin! It's easy and looks smart."Which celebrity hair are you loving right now? "I think I could never get over Nicole Richie! She can pull anything off and always looks amazing."

How often should a girl be washing her hair? Is it acceptable to wash your hair once a week? "Once a week is fine. It gives your hair enough time to build the natural oils back into the hair keeping it moisturised. It is one hundred times better leaving it a week between washes than washing it every day."

So if you want some seriously sexy hair, Bec is your girl! If you're feeling adventurous with colours, she has plenty of ideas to suit you and your needs. Come on, your hair will thank you for being pampered and you'll get to have an amazing experience with the oh-so talented, Bec.

Hair by Rebecca Louise 116 Pioneer Road, East Corrimal, NSW

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