Whimsical Bowral

Over the last few days, i was lucky enough to indulge in a retreat away from the big smoke and drove to the quaint town of Bowral. Where the important questions were about coordination of shower times along with trying to source the best location for a single bar of mobile reception. It gave me time to think and focus on why I'm in the retail industry, fuelled by inspiring speakers like Naomi Simpson (founder of Red Balloon) and Frances Loughran from Future Foods. My mind was hungry for knowledge and had a thirst for new content. My favourite speaker was France's, he was an incredibly knowledgable man with a distinguished finesse in the way he carried himself. His charismatic passion was pure ecstasy as I fearlessly surrendered to being educated more about one of my life long passions-- food. This guy knew his stuff, one particular item that resonated with me was when he emphasised "There is no such thing as Asian food! It's broken down into 17 or 18 categories, you have your: Cantonese, Hokkien, Singaporean, Malaysian, Nonya and many more" It felt like I transcended to a sermon in the Deep South of America, I had to physically hold on to my seat to distract me from the thought of leaping up and exclaiming "Amen!"

There were plenty of positives that resulted from the conference as we steered to a brand new way of thinking when it comes to the customer and the way they shop. It all ties down to the "experience" and taking them on that journey so that they are not only happy, but they turn into a returning customer. I have had plenty of terrible experiences within the retail industry but it makes me strive harder to pay attention to my own customer service so that our customers never have to endure a bad customer moment.

The important takeaway is to remember that good customer service starts and ends with YOU. Think about your own service internally, are you helpful? Do you go that extra step just to give assistance to someone in need? Most of us don't and we blame it on time....everybody is time poor but these are simply human qualities one cannot abandon. 

Overall my stay at Milton House, Bowral was truly extraordinary. The grounds were impeccably manicured with gems of tulips and windflowers studded within the shrubbery. There was a magnificent willow tree anchored across from the reception, oh and and did I mention who beautiful the actual facilities were? This manor was so cosy but also very classic from the drapes to the finishings. It's grandeur should be experienced by everyone, even if it's just for a few happy snaps. It may even be the ideal venue for your dream wedding.