Best of March

It truly feels life has been racing at 100 miles per hour! In a couple of winks we're already saying goodbye to March 2016 and passing the baton to April. Easter all fell a few weeks early this year so that has thrown me off, but I'm not complaining because who doesn't love a long weekend?

I've been travelling a fair amount for work, my recent trip oversaw the opening of the new section of Orion Springfield Central. They held a MEGA street party to celebrate featuring some headliners like Seth Sentry and Asta. It was entertaining to be on the floor and calling in codes over the radio, but it was a lot of hard work too. That's the part that people don't see when it comes to events. 

Taste of Sydney festival was also a few ripe weekends ago, I devoured some delicious bite sized meals using my crown quota but since it was a beautiful, hot and sunny day the majority of the moola was seconded to refreshing beverages. The best feed on the day was the Orecchiette ‘Osso Bucco’ from OTTO followed by the Thievery x Butter Kebab. 

Staying busy is the story of my life at the moment, but I am thankful for the blazing gun rather than the embers that remain.