Night Noodle Markets, Perth

With attending many Night Noodle Markets in Sydney, I had huge expectations for Sydney especially since Perth was becoming the northern star in the Australian food constellation. The venue changed to Elizabeth Quay, where it had a chance to be kissed by the fresh waters of the Perth Swan river and put on a show that will magnetize the sandgropers from far and wide. There was a scanty selection of articles floating amongst the webs, but none of them specific enough to encapsulate what was on offer. Mentions of headliners like N2 x Black Star Pastry and Roti Road sealed the deal. Going in blind, I decided to try my luck and have a taste of these Asian delicacies....noodles, cake, can one say no?

With a HUGE turn out on a humid Friday night, I knew that I wasn't the only soul looking to cure their Asian fix. The line cemented the idea that there would be equal amounts of queuing on the inside on the picket but to my disbelief it was all easy riding. My first pick was a selection of Asian inspired sliders from Pasar Malam, my favourite was the Nasi Lemak burger -- if only it was big enough for the price. Shame.

Next on the agenda was Satay, I locked in Roti Road and I was impressed with the size of the sticks and even marinade. The peanut "satay" dipping sauce was lacking some flavour, this is probably caused by diluting the portion for longevity over the night. To cleanse the palatte, I hydrated the buds with a crisp, cold helping of Thatchers Golden cider --- Oh my, this is the dew of the Gods! Need to find out where I can get my hands on a bottle of this.

My hankering for the Strawberry & Watermelon cake couldn't be dismissed, it was $1 more in comparison to the Sydney event but it still had a well deserving line on the west coast. After an intermission of sweet delights I finished the night with the grilled chicken skewers from Hoy Pinoy and a cheese murtabak from Chili Padi. The food overall had a reputable quality but it is an expensive night out, but a fun and entertaining night when you're in a small group. This was apparently a significant step up from last year's rendition, but still far from the assortment over in the Eastern states. If you're in town, it's worth checking out for a little food, drink and fun. It's currently running during the Perth month of food, check out the xxx website for more information.


Night Noodle Markets, Perth
Elizabeth Quay, The Esplanade, Perth WA 6000
Free Entry

Thursday, March 31 - Sunday, April 10
Monday to Wednesday: 5pm – 9pm
Thursday to Friday: 5pm – 10pm
Saturday: 4pm – 10pm
Sunday: 4pm – 9pm