Nezuki x NIKE iD

It's taken me a better part of my life to understand the importance of staying true to myself, especially when it comes to your own self-brand. Digital marketing has helped shape and grows the foundations while branching off into something truly beautiful through all characteristics in life (and love). Nezuki is the origins of Vanessa, it's where it all began -- the love and passion for creativity.

Most people are accustomed to the fact that I'm a massive sneaker-head, so it was hard to resist these the opportunity to create my very own custom NIKEiD kicks. Overall it took about six weeks from creation, production and dispatch but they're hands down (or feet down) my favourite pair. To be honest, I'm almost hesitant to take them out to the streets but how could I squander such a masterpiece in a cardboard coffin just to collect dust?

This made for the best Christmas present and even though I'm still deep in thought with how I would style them, I'm really excited for the right occasion! I'm almost tempted to pair them with a big frou-frou skirt or a beautiful couture gown. How would you style these bad boys?

If you're keen on the same shape as the one's featured here, they are the Nike Air Force 1 High iD shoe, or you can create your own kicks from the selection at NIKEiD online, here.

PS. How cute is Rex? He approves of my taste in shoes, even though he prefers to just chillax in the box.