Rooftop Gazing

Take a look around at all the lights and sounds, lyrics buzzing through my head. Traveling on a whirlwind trip through Japan and Singapore has taught me that preparation is key - it makes for a stress-free trip when you plan and pack right. I also learnt why having quality suitcases are a must-have, it was crucial when dragging them through the streets - from station to station, but no regrets. Singapore may not be my top destination because it's somewhere I think of as my other nest filled with family - far, yet familiar.

"Memories take me back to all of the wildest times" 
- Haim

I've been HANGING for the opportunity to kick back on a rooftop much like this, so I felt overjoyed to be able to actually sit, chill and repeat. The sunsets in Singapore are beautiful in its own right, the pastel, mink colours, all melting together like an ice cream sandwich sky juxtaposed with the steel-scape like a giant mirror for all the world to see.

My friends all know I'm not a friend of the water, it's not my natural surrounding - but I can't resist an architectural statement like this. Singapore is humid but still a very conservative country, so wearing kaftans and loose fitting clothing over swimmers are the most practical option. I love the neutral colour of this Tobi number, but I have to mention it's not the best option for travelling - look at all the crinkles! The funny part is that was after ironing it and folding it. Such a sad affair #firstworldproblems

I'd like to point out my Duskii swimsuit - this is my absolute favourite thing about Summer. This swimsuit meets wetsuit makes me feel like a total Bond girl - I feel a million and one bucks. The quality of it is so beautiful and feels comfortable, not to mention the intricate design that elevates the navy colour to whole new level of class.

Recently, I was chatting to one of my friends about travel attire. We both agreed that we both wear more adventurous clothing than what we'd usually wear if we were in our own city. I found that really profound - it's something that I always notice I do, especially when I went to Japan. It felt so natural to wear what I want if I wanted to wear something more creative I felt confident to wear it without total judgement. Why can't we feel comfortable to wear what we want in our own place?