For the love of Chanel

Flicking through the pages of each and every magazine I always end up with a mental wish list of all the beautiful things that I want to buy - well, if it were that easy I would already own half of the items in Vogue. One item that has always remained at the top of the list is a classic CHANEL bag, so on my recent trip to Japan I told myself that this will be the trip that I get one.

Wearing: CHANEL Chain Shoulder Bag Clutch Black Quilted Flap, Zara white gathered blouse, Zara floral printed skirt, ASOS embroidered leather jacket (similar here), Preen tortoiseshell sunglasses, Nine West nude point heels.

As much as I am dying for a brand new CHANEL to call my own, I opted to have my first CHANEL as a vintage. My favourite part about buying vintage is that it comes with characters and quirks, but it's the worn in quality makes me feel more comfortable knowing that it can be knocked around without the feeling that my heart is getting ripped out of my chest - I'm sure a few ladies can relate to this.

One thing people don't realise is that Japan has a huge vintage market, there are plenty of shop dealing with second hand designer goods - this over supply means that you can easily score if you know where to look. According to some recent studies by Baghunter, owning a CHANEL bag is not only a goal that most girls dream of achieving, it is also an investment piece. There's been evidence showing that investing in a CHANEL bag may even be more profitable than investing in the stock market, but I'll let you be the judge of that. 

I see so many beautiful bloggers have a huge assortment of CHANEL and other designer bags, but I'm really proud when I take this bad boy for a spin because I know it didn't come easy - a lot of hard work and savings went to this and it makes it all the more satisfying. Have you worked hard or saved up for something for a long time? Or what are you currently saving for?


Photography by Sita from Precious S2 Photography
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