Dreaming of an Australian Christmas

Christmas is my very favourite time of the year for many reasons - where do I begin? It's Summer, my birthday, spending time with loved ones, the Christmas cookies, wrapping presents and gift giving - it's my eternal happy place. Ever since I was a kid I wanted a real life Christmas tree, one that actually lives and breathes with you, something that is sustainable but also has that real life charm and character of Christmas.

After much research and shopping around, the Mister and I looked for the perfect pine tree for our humble apartment. The OCD kicked in and just couldn't seem to find one that was right for us, right for the place and just felt perfect. We just left every place feeling a little bit disappointed and hopeful that we would still find something amazing. It was spur of the moment decision to visit Bunnings that led us to something completely unexpected - an Albany Wooly Bush. Upon first look we fell in love with the silvery frosted colour and super soft leaves and it was the perfect size, too - we had to take it home!


All the decorations were purchases from Kmart, I was thoroughly surprised that they had the colours that we wanted. Rose gold and coppers we a mandatory but we wanted to tie it into the rest of the styling of our place, hence why we have some splashes of the turquoise to match the colour of our retro bar fridge and other trinkets. I wanted to keep the decor minimal without overloading the poor tree, the finishing touch was the lights (not shown) which I ended up finding at Woolworths for a bargain, they are LED stars in white light which make the tree and tinsel glisten in the dark - so magical. You can purchase similar ones from Kmart, here.

If you're interested in getting an Albany Wooly Bush this year for your Christmas tree, here are a couple tips to keep it looking healthy and fresh:

  • It can stay indoors in a well lit room for a maximum of two weeks. Mine is underneath the window so it gets a good hit of morning sun and even daylight throughout the day. It likes some fresh air, so I keep the balcony door open to keep the airflow and so it isn't left feeling stifled inside.
  • Water it once a week depending on the room, we gave it a good soak when we bought it and still haven't watered it since. Test the moisture content in the soil with your finger, they don't like too much water so it will be happy with a little neglect. 
  • It should only stay in the pot for a maximum of one year, the benefit of having a potted tree means that you can keep loving the tree year after year. It is recommended that you repot to a larger pot or if you have a yard you can plant it in the ground after.

That's as simple as it gets, your very own Albany Wooly Bush Christmas Tree is the alternative to the pine tree and it's the perfect "Aussie" way to be celebrating the spirit of Christmas, down under - think of all the fallen pine needles that you don't have to clean.