Claire Johnson + Gorman

The pulse of the city is the rhythm I live by, each and every day is its own tune and it’s been one heck of an album so far.

I started the year with a bang in a brand new role and a new team, food and coffee have always pulled on my heartstrings so I am very grateful to be working as the CRM & Digital Marketing Manager for Jamaica Blue. It’s an exciting role where each day is different and I get to work across Australia and our International markets. One of my first projects was launching the brand new website - take a look, here. This week, I’m in Perth and Melbourne finishing off my franchise roadshow presentations and finishing off with a Sydney & Melbourne tour of our Roastery where all the bean magic happens. 

It’s been fun travelling but it can also be challenging packing for the multiple events and living out of a suitcase. This Claire Johnson + Gorman Weeping hearts shirt dress (here) is so comfortable and easy to wear for all of the running around and plane hopping. I love the material and even though it’s cotton it doesn't show crumples thanks to the quirky print - you know how much I love a great print so I couldn't say no to this. The waist sash means you can cinch the waist and also adjust the length so it doesn’t have to feel like you’re a balloon. I’ve paired mine with a statement typography necklace but it would suit any cool chunky necklace - I have a flower one that I am thinking of using it next time. I must confess that my Gorman collection is growing, how can it not with all these beautiful designs?! Until next payday.