Girl Racer

It all comes down to performance but sometimes it's simply the aesthetics that is more important.

From a young age I've always had an appreciation for cars, I remember cutting out pictures from Epson printer demo prints of a Subaru WRX and "cool" cars from the time. My life completely changed after watching The Fast & The Furious series, specifically Tokyo Drift - it was from that moment, watching it with my friends that I knew I wanted to strive to own of those JDM beasts. 

Although, my heart and soul lies in the spirit of Japanese cars, I still love the appeal of the classics. Call my a traditionalist or a romantic, there is something about the appeal of the craftsmanship of these cars that truly epitomises the marriage of aesthetics and performance. 


Stepping back into time I channeled a retro racer girl look - just imagine driving into the bustling streets of Sydney in a car like this in an outfit that respects the energy and lust for speed. With the cold weather on queue, it's time to dust of the over-the-knee boots! I invested in these a few years ago and every time I bring them out, I remember how much I love them - they elongate your legs (especially, short ones like mine) and they pair well with everything: over jeans, short skirts, dresses and even shorts and tights.  


I've got the need. The need for speed. 

Pops of colour help elevate your look, especially when most of your wardrobe is monotone. I've used red to make a statement through my top half - be bold, always. It's about showing your personality and if you want to try an experiment with your wardrobe - you should! Nobody can stop you from making that statement. With the upcoming Click Frenzy, I've put looks like these on my wishlist and so should you. I've added the details below so you can shop the look and add these to your wish list. 


Get the look from PrettyLittleThing: Black Motorcross Ring Pull Zip Dress (here), Red Biker Jacket (here), Red heart sunglasses (here), Red felt Baret (here).