My Funny Valentine

Valentine’s Day. Call it a hallmark celebration or a day for commercial cash in —I’ve always kept this day close to my heart. Being a romantic and a traditionalist, the whole notion of celebrating love is something that has always captured the essence of me. If there were to be any occasion I’d celebrate other than my birthday and Christmas, it's Valentine’s Day. 


My idea of romance was possibly skewed by the perception of Hollywood films with a touch of Woody Allen quirk. Think slow dancing in candlelit rooms with jazz tunes on vinyl - followed by a glass of your finest vintage Shiraz freshly cracked open from the cellar downstairs. As unrealistic as this may sound, it has been a goal and an idealised vision that I’ve always been spellbound with. The notion that someone else on this planet has the capacity to care for me - to love me and treasure me. Looking deep into my soul like there was no one else left in this universe - enough to blind you foolishly. Yet, why is it sometimes so hard for some people to say “I love you”? or the polar opposite of saying “Love you” too much. And for most of us, sometimes we say it when it’s far too late. 

DSCF9821_nezuki_4 copy.jpg

Over the years I’ve always felt misunderstood in my own ways, an old soul trying to fit into a new world. Finding my place amongst these labelled Millenials and establishing an emotive connection with people that prefer to connect with their mobile device over having something real. Doesn’t anyone believe in romance anymore? Am I the only child left that believes in Freedom, Truth, Beauty and Love? 

This is my ode to romanticism and even if I’m the last voice left, we were made from love and in love shall we conquer greatness. To all the hearts filled and unfulfilled, stay true and stay pure this Valentine’s Day and always. 

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Nezuki wearing: Love Me Ruffle Dress from The Iconic (here), Vintage Chanel flap handbag, Balmain sunglasses and nude point pumps from Nine West (here)


This year, I’ll be spending it with my love sharing a night filled with the music of Evanescence with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra performing at the iconic Sydney Opera House. A chapter of my youth injected into the present will be refreshing and remind me of times had and times to be.