Shiba Inu. I choose You.

This goes out to all the Shiba and Dogue lovers. Is it possible to get clucky over owning a pet, instead of a baby? Well if this is a thing, I know them feels.

My love for Japanese culture is something that every single friend, family member and coworkers know about. Every time I think about this furry friend on four legs, I immediately feel so happy and just imagine squishing its pudgy cheeks. Much cute. All Dogue.


This gorgeous dress caught my eye and the Shiba print is just soooooo kawaii! How could I say no? I've teamed this Dangerfield Happy Shiba dress (here) and cardigan with a pair of nude leather boots but this would look great with a pair of white sneakers or even heels for a more refined look. It's a challenge to find Shiba merchandise - PSA: PLEASE, MAKE MORE SHIBA THINGS! 


In addition to my fondness with collecting all the Shiba related attire and knick knacks, I'm also embarking on the journey of acquiring one to call our very own. It's been a long time coming and there have been many steps to get us closer to having a little Shiba pup. The Shiba Inu isn't for everyone, it is a dog with attitude and requires plenty of TLC and training, but, there is simply no dog like it! Which is the reason why we are working hard to make this goal happen. 


If you'd love to hear more about our journey for adopting a Shiba or would love to learn more about the Shiba Inu - comment below and I'll create some content for anyone interested.