Trending: How to wear Tartan

During my younger years, I gravitated to alternative fashion, believe it or not - I was never into trends! My parents brought me up around the theory of buying cheap and affordable, so luxuries weren't an option.

In high school it was all about candy stitch jeans, surf tees and rainbow belts - however, I took cues from the bands I loved. When you think of tartan, the queen of that signature look is none other than, Gwen Stefani

There was a shop in my nearest shopping centre I used to frequent called 'Pretty & Twisted', they always had an assortment of the coolest goth, emo & punk looks. I remember always walking out with a mental wishlist - one of them was a pair of skinny tartan pants just like Gwen's. 


I'm excited that tartan is trending yet again, especially red tartan - I'll admit that this look is scary for most, but I've never feared the alternative. I remember buying my first tartan skirt from the op-shop and wearing it to death every winter paired with my black skivvy sweater.


This season, try mixed patterns - here I'm wearing this cute black and white stripe tee with sushi print. Black is always a winner with tartan if you're still experimenting with the look, I also think a sleek white button-up shirt would look classy and almost be a contrast to the punk look it was intended for. I've finished the looks with some metallic red pointed pumps which look fierce!

Wearing:    Dangerfield    Walk The Plank Pant ( here ),    Dangerfield    Flying Sushi Tee ( here ),    Nine West    Tatiana pumps ( here )

Wearing: Dangerfield Walk The Plank Pant (here), Dangerfield Flying Sushi Tee (here), Nine West Tatiana pumps (here)

Below are some of my favourite trending tartan items to update your Autumn Winter 2018 wardrobe - start shopping!